The 蓝色的field State 荣誉学院 offers an exciting opportunity for high achieving students interested in an advanced level of academic engagement both inside and outside the classroom, making them more prepared and competitive in their future graduate studies and careers.


Students admitted to the program will receive last-dollar scholarships (in which official Expected Family Contribution and financial aid packages totals are less than the total cost of attendance) covering remaining costs for books, 学费, 和费用. All scholarships will be contingent upon meritorious academic performance during the year of the award (sustaining a 3.25 GPA), and successful completion of augmented curriculum courses.  Participants will benefit from an enhanced curricula and close mentorship from faculty in honors courses and senior research projects. They will also have opportunities to enrich their learning experience beyond the classroom.  Students who have successfully completed the program will receive honorific designation on their transcript and diploma, as well as acknowledgement at commencement.


Incoming students are eligible to apply if they have earned a minimum GPA of  3.25(在4上).00规模). Students who are currently enrolled at 蓝色的field State University will be eligible; however, Regents Bachelors of Arts students and any students who have earned more than 30 hours of college credit are not eligible for entrance into the program.  For reasons of curricular standards and accreditation, students planning to major in degree programs within the School of Nursing and Allied Health are not eligible. For admission to the program, the applicant must score an  S.A.T. ERW score of 480 and Reading score of 23; an A.C.T. score of 18 for English main and a score of 17 in Reading; or an Accuplacer score of 250 Writing and 252 Reading. You may submit this application without test scores, but your final admission requires certified equivalent test scores submitted to the Office of 招生. You may request an Accuplacer testing session by contacting the Counseling and Advising Center at (304) 327-4444.


Although there will be variations by discipline, 教练, 和类, honors-enhanced courses should provide students with the opportunity for an enriched academic experience, i.e. creative and active learning that augments the honors student’s depth of engagement of course content. View the program requirements

荣誉学院 Application Process

All of the following must be completed by the applicant before the required deadline of April 1st. Please note that incomplete applications either to 蓝色的field State University or the Honors University will result in a denial of admission:

注意: Only four-year baccalaureate programs in the 教育学院, 人文学科, 及社会科学, 理学院, 技术, 工程 & 数学,还有W. 小保罗·科尔. School of Business are eligible for application to the program. Students who change their major to a program that does not allow for honors courses (i.e. Nursing) will be required to withdraw from the program.

All applicants will be notified of their acceptance or denial by email. Students accepted to the program will receive a letter of welcome and be contacted personally by the 荣誉学院 Director or the Director of 招生.